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Star Struck  Blurry Night

Star Struck Blurry Night

Hang it, opposite the door, sending positive energy, skyward and welcoming guests with warmth and abundance of spirit

The artwork gives off a dreamy feeling with its abstract elements scattered across a gradient background. The elements resembling colorful feathers or brushstrokes form a blurred circle surrounded by a faint white halo giving a sense of mystery.

  • Ordering and Availability Information

    \Every image is a custom order produced specifically for you. All images are available as unframed signed, limited edition archival fine art prints



    If you are interested in purchasing the original piece- please inquire

  • Feng Shui Baguas and Elements

    Element: The dominant colors, blue and green, have direct associations with the elements Water and Wood respectively in Feng Shui, The presence of light orange and yellow could indicate the Earth element. The white color could be associated with the Metal element.

    Element Colors: Blue (Water), Green (Wood), Light Orange and Yellow (Earth), White (Metal)

    Bagua: The abstract quality of the artwork along with the notable light play is representative of the Fame & Reputation area in Feng Shui as it symbolizes illumination and insight. The dreamy atmosphere also connects to Knowledge & Self-Cultivation.
    Bagua Location: South (Fame & Reputation), Northeast (Knowledge & Self-Cultivation)
    Yin/Yang: The artwork exhibits more Yin energy due to its dreamy, soft, and somewhat passive qualities. However, the scattering of abstract pieces may also denote some Yang energy, showing a balance of energies.

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