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Cosmic Compass

Cosmic Compass

Infuse Your Home With Balance and Positive Energy


\ Ditch the dusty doormat, blast through boring beige. Let the funky Feng Shui dance your entryway into a masterpiece of vibrant welcome

Bold strokes and cosmic colors whisper good fortune & opportunities, aligning with the BaGua's Knowledge & Career for a powerful first impression. 

Your guests won't just leave their coats, they'll leave their doubts at the door, mesmerized by the art that reflects your unique style and radiant energy.

  • Ordering and Availability Information

    \Every image is a custom order produced specifically for you. All images are available as unframed signed, limited edition archival fine art prints



    If you are interested in purchasing the original piece- please inquire

  • Feng Shui Baguas and Elements


    • Dominant Element: Water
    • Bagua Areas: North (Career), East (Health & Family), Northwest (Helpful People)
    • Meanings: Peace, calmness, communication, trust, wisdom, inspiration


    • Dominant Element: Fire (with Earth undertones)
    • Bagua Areas: South (Fame & Recognition), Southwest (Relationships), Southeast (Wealth & Prosperity)
    • Meanings: Joy, enthusiasm, warmth, creativity, sociability, abundance

    Hints of Purple:

    • Dominant Element: Fire (with Wood undertones)
    • Bagua Areas: South (Fame & Recognition), East (Health & Family), Southeast (Wealth & Prosperity)
    • Meanings: Luxury, spirituality, wisdom, intuition, transformation, abundance


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