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Endless Shimmer |Persistence of Memory

Endless Shimmer |Persistence of Memory

Aka Dreamweaver: Mount  it above a coat rack, weaving dreams of success and inspiration as come and go 

The artwork in this image represents an abstract interpretation of an endless horizon, characterized by dreamlike colors and an irregular vertical strip structure. The colors used in the artwork, including yellow, green, blue, and white, contribute to the overall impression of a endless possiblliites 

  • Ordering and Availability Information

    \Every image is a custom order produced specifically for you. All images are available as unframed signed, limited edition archival fine art prints



    If you are interested in purchasing the original piece- please inquire

  • Feng Shui Baguas and Elements

    Specific Attributes: The artwork has abstract water, colors, fluidity, number "2" symbolism.
    Element: The dominant element is Water, as represented by the depicted waterfall, which symbolizes the flow of life and conversation. The greens could represent the Wood element which connects to growth and vitality, and the yellows could signify Earth, symbolizing stability and balance.
    Element Colors: Blue, green, and yellow.
    Bagua: The presence of the Water element corresponds to the Career and life journey area of Bagua, given the connotations of flow and change. The Wood relates to Family, new beginnings, and the Earth element could connect to Love & Relationships and Knowledge & Self-cultivation.
    Bagua Location: North for Career, East for Family and new beginnings, South-west for Love & relationships /Knowledge & self-cultivation.
    Yin/Yang: The overall composition and abstract rendition inspire a dynamic, lively, and energetic (Yang) energy. However, the fluidity of the water also suggests adaptability and softness lending itself to Yin energy. Hence, the image is a balanced blend of Yin and Yang.

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